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Program Streams

Full Course: $1675*

The Full Course curriculum and registration fee includes Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant (CCOA) Program study guides & open-book assignments for all nine modules, practical skills checklists, practical skills Workshop (*NB: workshops will not be hosted in 2021 and the Full-Course fee has been adjusted accordingly), and closed-book CCOA Examination.

The nine module sessions are of four weeks duration per module. For the Full Course curriculum, Module 1 begins on September 14th, 2020. Module sessions are back-to-back, finishing with Module 9 in the spring. The online CCOA Examination is written within three weeks of becoming eligible (completion of nine modules) to write the exam.

Each module includes:

  • Assignment (25 multiple choice questions)
  • Timed quiz (20 multiple choice questions, 35 minutes to complete)
  • Practical skills checklist (Modules 1, 4, and 9 do NOT have checklists).
  • Study guide
  • Interactive presentation

Important notes:

  • Each module runs for four weeks (beginning September 14th)
  • Modules must be taken in order (1, 2, 3, 4, etc)
  • The price of the Full Course is $1675 plus taxes. Total fee mandatory upon registering.
  • A minimum grade of 65% is required on all components (quiz, assignment, and final exam). Students can re-take assignments or quizzes as many times as required by the deadline date in the student’s progress tab in order to pass.
  • Final exam must be written within three weeks of becoming eligible.
  • Students will have access to two re-writes ($225 per) should they be unsuccessful in passing the initial final exam.


The Basics: $175

The Basics is a stand-alone tool geared towards staff who have not taken the full CCOA program. This course serves as an introduction to the full CCOA program and also as an introduction to Optometry for those who are new to the field. This module will introduce basic optometric concepts that are further elaborated on in the CCOA program's subsequent modules. Upon completion of this module, the optometric assistant will have a basic understanding of:

  • Optometry in Canada
  • Basic ocular anatomy
  • Refractive errors & ophthalmic lenses
  • Frame fitting basics
  • Common eye conditions

Important Notes:

  • One single module
  • 42-day deadline (six weeks)
  • A 30 question assignment
  • Interactive presentation
  • A stand-alone tool (credits will not be put towards CCOA full course)

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