CCOA Workshops

The Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant (CCOA) program mandates that all students attend a two-day workshop that provides hands-on training. These workshops are held across Canada between January and the end of March. Workshop registration is included in the CCOA program fee.

The workshop includes six different sessions, which cover topics such as pretesting, frame adjustment, repair and selection, lensometry, contact lenses, and measurements. Students are divided into equal groups and rotate through each of the sessions over the two-day period. Approximately 90% of each session involves hands-on learning.

The workshops, in conjunction with the nine CCOA learning modules, offer students a comprehensive understanding of the optometric field. They also provide an opportunity to practice procedures that may not be performed regularly, learn from industry professionals, and ask questions in a safe and relaxed environment.

The workshops are both educational and enjoyable. They allow students to meet and interact with each other, learn from different practices, and acquire new tips and tricks to apply in their office.

Additionally, current CCOAs who need continuing education credits, or a refresher are encouraged to attend the workshops. A registration fee will apply.