Maintenance and Renewal Info

To maintain the CCOA designation, CCOAs must pay an annual membership fee and submit 18 hours of continuing education (CE) credits including CPR, every three years. A new three-year CCOA certificate will be issued when renewal requirements are met. Failure to maintain a current CCOA status forfeits the legal right to use the CCOA designation, and the certificate is no longer recognized.

Maintaining the certification requires:

  • Every 3 years - 18 hours of approved continuing education (CE)
  • Every 3 years - in-person CPR Level C certification (Maximum of 4 hours can be claimed)
  • *Yearly - submitted annual membership fee payment

*Annual membership fees are uploaded into the CCOAs cart each year in January.

Credit can only be claimed once for a course taken twice in a certification period.

Download the Maintenance & Renewal Guide

Submitting CE

CCOAs must submit proof of CE through their CAO Learning Portal. Credits may be uploaded any time before the deadline of your three-year renewal period. A copy of a CPR wallet card or certificate is acceptable. CAO will contact you if CE credits are rejected. Always keep a copy of all CE submitted.


Renewal dates are available in your personal CAO Learning Portal. Renewal reminders are emailed periodically however the CCOA is accountable for their own registration.

CCOAs must maintain their contact information on file at all times. All renewal documentation must be uploaded to the Learning Center by December 31 of your renewal year and payments complete. Renewals received after this date are subject to a late fee.

Late Renewals

Grace Period:

CCOAs who are unable meet the renewal criteria by their renewal deadline date will be granted a renewal grace period until June 1st of the following year (five months). A late renewal fee of $75 will apply.

Missed Grace Period:

In order to reinstate the credential, CCOAs who do not renew their credential by the late renewal deadline will be required to write a reinstatement exam within 24 months of the original renewal deadline date. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and a minimum grade of 75% is required. Fees apply.

Reinstatement Exam not written within 24 months of original renewal missed date:

CCOAs who do not write a reinstatement exam within 24 months of their original renewal date will be required to complete the CCOA program entirely in order to obtain the CCOA certification.

Contact for more information.