Program Standards

Module Assignment and Time Limited Quiz Standards

*NEW Course grades required to pass the course and receive a CCOA designation are as follows:

  • Module assignments:  65% (16/25)
  • Time limited quizzes:  65% (13/20)
  • CCOA examination:  65% (65/100)

The purpose of the open book module assignment is to facilitate the learning process as well as assess the assistant’s knowledge and abilities in the optometric field. Each assignment consists of 25 multiple choice questions to be answered by the assistant. Questions are based upon the required reading for the specific module component of the course, which is listed at the beginning of the study guide for each module.

The purpose of the closed book quiz is to test a student’s knowledge and to prepare them for the final exam, which is timed. The quiz questions are based upon the required reading for the module at hand. The quiz consists of 20 questions, and students will have 35 minutes to complete it. The quiz must be submitted by the module deadline date.

The assignment for each module is available online within the module deadline date, at the same time as the Module Study Guide and Practical Skills Checklist (if applicable). A student will not have the flexibility to preview the timed quiz. Answer keys linked to each module will be released the day after each module deadline.

The assignment and quiz grades will be available on the student’s progress tab immediately after submission. The Sponsoring Optometrist will also have access to a student’s progress tab in order to monitor grades and progress.

The study plan, assignments and quizzes are structured upon the learning objectives for each module. Assignment questions and quizzes are based upon the required reading as listed in the study guide and course textbooks.

Each module assignment must be completed online and submitted via the CCOA Learning Portal by the deadline date indicated on the student’s progress tab. Late assignments will not be accepted and graded as zero.

Each module quiz must be completed online and submitted via the CCOA Learning Portal by the deadline date indicated on the student’s dashboard. Late quizzes will not be accepted and graded as zero.

Support from an Instructor

Should a student need help with assignments, please contact us: A CCOA Program instructor will not provide the answer, but will direct the student to the reference location in the course material, and can be available to offer guidance.

Late assignments/quizzes and Requests for Due Date Extension

Module assignments and quizzes (including retakes) must be completed by the indicated due date or the assignment and/or quiz is forfeited and scored as incomplete and graded as zero. In the event that the due date cannot be met, the student is required to submit a written request for an extension including the reason. The CCOA Program reserves the right to share related communication with the sponsoring optometrist. All requests must be emailed to prior to the due date.


The CCOA Program workshop is designed to further develop a student’s practical skills and to review the critical components of each module. The workshop provides students with an exciting learning experience. Each workshop is two days in length, usually held on Saturday/Sunday.  Participation in the full two-day course is a mandatory requirement for writing the CCOA Examination. Given the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and our concern for the health and safety of both students and instructors, the workshop component of the curriculum for the 2020-21 Full Course cycle is being waived.

Examination Standards

The CCOA Examination:

  • is online (via a student’s CCOA Learning Portal)
  • is closed book
  • contains 100 multiple choice questions
  • has a three hour time limit
  • covers general knowledge and content from all nine course modules
  • Is NOT proctored
  • Can be written from home.

In order to be eligible to write the final exam, students must:

  • submit all practical skills checklists linked to each module;
  • obtain a minimum grade of 65% on each module assignment and module quiz. An unlimited amount of tries will granted until the student is able to achieve the 65% grade requirement.
  • remain employed by the sponsoring optometrist.

Students must obtain a minimum grade of 65% on their final exam in order to obtain the CCOA designation. If the student fails to achieve the minimum required grade, rewrites (maximum of two) are allowed within a limited time period (fees apply). Students who obtain an exam grade of 65% or above will receive one copy of the CCOA certificate by mail. A PDF version of the certificate is made available online.

Special Accommodation for the Exam

If a learning disability prohibits a student from taking the exam under standard conditions, special accommodations may be requested by sending the following to

  • a letter formally requesting and specifying the accommodation needed
  • a letter from a professional (e.g., physician, psychologist, rehabilitation counsellor) who is familiar with the disability that provides a formal diagnosis and outlines the required accommodation