Maintaining Your CCOA Certification in the CAO Learning Portal

Step 1: Go to your Learning Center.

Preview of CAO Learning homepage

Step 2: To submit CE, click on the Certifications tab. Select "Continue".

View of certifications tab

Note: Please verify that your renewal date is accurate. If it is not accurate, contact Melanie Berubé ( 

Submitting CE and CPR Credits

Note: You will have to submit your CE credits and CPR credits separately.

Upload CE Credits 

Click on "Apply external CE credits"

CCOA Step 5

Step 3: Complete the online form

Be sure to attach relevant documentation such as a PDF or screenshot. After you click "Create", you will receive a confirmation message.

CCOA Step 6

Step 4: Verify your CE credits

Once you have uploaded your CE credits, your progress bar will update automatically. 

CCOA Progress Bar

Step 5: Upload your CPR credits 

Repeat the same process to upload your CPR credits. Click on "Apply external CPR credits".

Complete the online form.

Apply CPR Credits

Keeping Track of Your Renewal & Maintenance Requirements

You can view your CE submissions in your "Completed" tab. You can edit and/or delete submissions from this screen. You will also find your certificates in this area.

View of the completed area in the user's learning center

You have now successfully uploaded your CE and CPR credits!

If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact Melanie Bérubé, (