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Senior with Optometrist
Importance of Eye Health and Vision Care to Healthy Aging

Health experts agree that smoking marijuana can damage the lungs. The deleterious effect of chronic, frequent use of marijuana upon the brain is also well established.

Good vision is about making good choices.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to take our eyesight for granted. But good vision isn’t a guarantee. Protect your vision by making smart decisions every day with these quick tips:

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a normal aging change in which the crystalline lens of your eye loses its elasticity and flexibility. This results in an inability to focus on close objects.

Your eyes, like the rest of your body, benefit when you eat well. There are some foods that are particularly good for your eyes and offer nutrients and vitamins your eyes need to stay healthy.

It is well known that smoking is detrimental to your health. Smoking tobacco harms every organ in your body— your eyes included.

CAO Eye Health Statistics
CAO Eye Health Statistics
Eye Health in Canada: An Invisible Crisis (infographic)
Eye Health in Canada: An Invisible Crisis, Spring, 2021

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