Policy Document

3 Os letter to the federal Minister of Health, urging the government to push forward Bill C-313, An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (non-corrective contact lenses) by proclaiming the coming into force provision immediately.
The overarching goal of the research is to understand the human truths underpinning Canadian’s attitudes and behaviours towards eye care.
Third party managed care plans also known as preferred provider networks are not new to concept to health professions in Canada. CAO has serious concerns with the influence of managed care plans on the practice of Optometry.
Though nothing can replace a comprehensive eye examination, rapid advances in diagnostic imaging and assessment technologies for eye care have created an opportunity for Canada’s optometrists to enhance patient care through telemedicine.
Since January 15, 2015, Canadian Armed Forces and eligible foreign military members have the choice to acquire frame(s) and lenses from a provider of choice.
Notice announcing that there will no longer be a dollar amount limit on certain items.
Heath Canada Letter re: NIHB Program 2015 FR
Heath Canada Letter re: NIHB Program 2015 EN
Better Vision for Seniors