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Consultation on Non-regulatory Initiatives (NRI) to Reduce the Release into the Environment of Food and Drugs Act Substances and Products
Position Statement: UV and Eye Protection
Position Statement: Vision Therapy
Position Statement: Comprehensive Eye Exams
Position Statement: Prescription Medication Labeling
CAO Letter to Finance Minister Taxation of Health Benefits
Key Messages Taxation of Employer Paid Health Benefits
MP Meeting Request Template Letter for the Taxation of Employer Paid Health Benefits issue
Canada must become proactive in addressing type 2 diabetes. With the second highest rate of diabetes prevalence in the developed world, the number of Canadians living with diabetes will soon reach epidemic levels.
In November 2016, Health Canada responded to CAO President, Dr. Barry Thienes’ letter on the recent release of The Good Label and Package Practices, Guide for Prescription Drugs, that was written in July 2016.