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The legibility of medication labelling is a concern for all Canadians, because poor or illegible labelling may lead to miscommunication of medication information and poor patient outcomes.
Study: Improving the legibility of prescription medication labels for older adults and adults with visual impairment.
CAO's Letter to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council of the Federation, June 2016
Good Labels and Package Practices Guide for Prescription Drugs, June 30, 2016
Good Label and Package Practices Guide for Non-prescription and Natural Health Products, Health Canada, June 30, 2016
Optical prescriptions are made available to patients following a comprehensive eye examination so that patients may purchase glasses or initiate a fitting for contact lenses, or subnormal vision devices from a licensed dispensing provider.
CAO Letter to Finance and Small Business Ministers, Small Business Tax Deduction and Professionals, March 2016
Zero Rated Tax Supply and Internet Sales: Status Update, March 2016
CAO Motion for Great Canadian Healthcare Debate 2016