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Non-corrective cosmetic contact lenses are used to change the colour or appearance of the eyes. Like contact lenses used for visual correction, cosmetic contact lenses can pose a risk of harm due to improper fit, use, or care.
Competency Assessment
Laser pointers are small, hand-held devices whose pointer emits a light at a wavelength of 670nm to produce a narrow beam of red laser light which can be directed over long distances.
CVM Thank you letter after site visit
CVM Site Visit Invitation letter Template for members
One Page background document for government audiences on Children's vision in Canada
The legibility of medication labelling is a concern for all Canadians, because poor or illegible labelling may lead to miscommunication of medication information and poor patient outcomes.
Study: Improving the legibility of prescription medication labels for older adults and adults with visual impairment.
CAO's Letter to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council of the Federation, June 2016
Good Labels and Package Practices Guide for Prescription Drugs, June 30, 2016