The inaugural 2015 Vision Champion Award has been awarded to Pat Davidson, M.P. (Sarnia – Lambton) for her tireless commitment toward protecting the eye care and vision health of all Canadians.
On May 5, during Vision Health Month 2015, CAO Council and Ottawa area ODs once again descended upon the parliamentary precinct to discuss policy issues related to vision health with Parliamentarians.
Better Vision for Seniors
CAO National Vision Strategy
MP John Rafferty HoC Statement Oct 2014
On Monday, October 20, 2014, Mr. John Rafferty, M.P. (Thunder Bay—Rainy River, NDP) made a statement in the House of Commons supporting comprehensive eye exams prior to starting school and a national public education campaign.
Table of correct titles and salutations for various officials.
Quick tips on things that help and hinder meeting productivity. Focus is on government.
Despite great preparation and planning on your part, meetings can still sometimes go off the rails. What happens when you do all the right things and then, due to things beyond your control, the meeting goes poorly?
Tips for managing unscripted messages from your body during meetings.