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Position Statement: Vision Therapy
Position Statement: UV and Eye Protection
Position Statement Non Corrective Cosmetic Contact Lenses
Position Statement Eye Exam Frequency
The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recognizes that myopia, and in particular high myopia, is a global public health issue and cannot be considered merely an inconvenience of uncorrected vision. The CAO supports the position of the World Council of Optometry and endorses evidence-based myopia management as a
standard of care for all at-risk patients.
COVID-19 has had demonstrable effects on the provision of optometry services, most notably in the restriction of access to vision care during the first wave of the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders and clinic closures created the need for alternate patient care modes to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and optometrists resulting in teleoptometry becoming a particularly valuable modality for vision care services.
CAO and the profession of optometry strongly support the requirement for a post-graduation, entry to practice competency assessment.
COVID-19 continues to have a demonstrable impact on health care delivery in Canada, given emerging and more contagious variants and vaccination rates levelling off.
Importance of Eye Health and Vision Care to Healthy Aging
The prevalence of electronic screen-related ocular symptoms is estimated as high as 50–90% in adult electronic screen users. Due to a lack of scientific literature in the area, the corresponding statistic is not known for children. Children’s use of electronic screens, however, has become more commonplace (home and school), 4a begins earlier in childhood than in the past,5a and can last for long periods of time.