Chronic Disease Detection

Chronic disease detection: The role of the optometrist

Chronic disease in Canada

The rate of chronic disease is increasing across the country with three out of five Canadians older than 20 having a chronic condition, and four out of five at risk of developing one.[i] Optometrists are well-positioned to support patient engagement in the management of their overall health, including chronic disease.

Early detection of chronic disease by optometrists

  • As the front line of eye health and vision care, optometrists perform comprehensive eye examinations that provide a unique opportunity to monitor overall health and detect and monitor the impact and progression of chronic disease.[ii]
  • Comprehensive eye examinations can facilitate the identification of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, vascular disease and hypertension.[iii],[iv],[v]
  • A significant correlation exists between having an eye examination and the early detection and subsequent intervention for certain systemic diseases.[vi]
  • Early intervention for high cost chronic diseases can reduce health care costs and improve health outcomes, and even save lives.[vii]

Swift action required to involve optometrists in detecting chronic conditions

  • Promote the role of optometry in supporting a sustainable, patient-centered health care system through early detection of chronic disease.
  • Educate the public by promoting the value of comprehensive eye exams to maintain eye health, and to detect and monitor chronic disease through a public awareness campaign
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