Tools and resources for National Glaucoma Week
Under pressure: a review of normal-tension glaucoma
A guide for family physicians to identify and refer patients at risk of glaucoma
Glaucoma Brochure - English
Glaucoma Brochure - Cree
Glaucoma, The Silent Thief of Sight
PURPOSE: The factors associated with the increased risk of glaucoma include intraocular pressure (IOP), central corneal thickness (CCT), vertical cup-to-disc ratio, visual field index, age, and diabetes mellitus.
Survol des principaux types de lentilles corneennes chez les enfants aphaques ages de moins de 5 ans Life After Areds 2: What Should We Recommend To Patients With or at Risk of Amd?
An information brochure about the eye disease glaucoma written in Inuktitut.
A brochure that explains what glaucoma is, what causes it, who gets it and other aspects of this eye disease.