eye safety

The Canadian Association of Optometrists supports in principle the prescribing of impact resistant lenses in all cases except those where such lenses will not fulfill the visual requirements of the particular patient.
Employees wear contact lenses in the work place because they allow the wearer to see more clearly, particularly if the wearer has issues with spectacle blur or visual field limitations.
Many people want full, long, dramatic eyelashes. It is not surprising that a recent trend in the beauty industry is the application of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are usually done by aestheticians or technicians in a spa or a salon.
Laser pointers are small, hand-held devices whose pointer emits a light at a wavelength of 670nm to produce a narrow beam of red laser light which can be directed over long distances.
As kids, we used them to disturb a class presentation, tease our pets, or re-enact Star Wars. Little did we know, these handheld tools can cause serious eye damage.
A doctor of optometry is educated, clinically trained and licensed to deliver the best standard of comprehensive primary eye care.  In addition to diagnosing and treating ocular disease optometrists can design, verify, and fit spectacles to meet t
Consider the following and see if you can tell the myths from the facts: Young people are more vulnerable to UV exposure.
Every day 700 Canadian workers sustain eye injuries on the job. Learn how to be safe.
Before you wax your snowboard and sharpen your skates, you should ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to protect your eyes from tough winter weather. Here are some eye safety tips you should consider this winter:
As with television viewing, eye care professionals generally agree that video games will not harm your child’s eyes or vision if you follow a few viewing tips.