dry eye

Good hydration and eye health are connected.
Eyelid twitches are quite common and mostly benign; however, they are often irritating or somewhat embarrassing.
Taking measures to prevent and manage chronic conditions is an important part of our overall health, especially when it comes to our eyes.
RESEARCH My Tattoos Caused My Dry Eye? A New Way To Look at Diagnosis and Treatment for Patients with Tattoo Eyeliner / Mes tatouages ont causé ma sécheresse oculaire?
Dry Eye - Public Education Presentation
If you build it, will they come? How to identify the opportunity? Do you(or your associates) have the interest? Do you have industry and/or educational support? Does the provincial regulatory environment allow full scope care?
What is Bell’s palsy?
What is a stye or hordeolum?
What is dry eye?
Outdoor allergens such as ragweed, grass or tree pollen can bring on seasonal allergies but indoor triggers including pet dander, mold, feathers in bedding and dust mites can cause symptoms all year long.