cosmetic contact lenses

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Non-corrective cosmetic contact lenses are used to change the colour or appearance of the eyes. Like contact lenses used for visual correction, cosmetic contact lenses can pose a risk of harm due to improper fit, use, or care. Complications such as corneal abrasions, inflammatory reactions, and potentially serious corneal infiltrations or infections can occur (sterile or infectious infiltrative keratitis). Some of these complications can be visually threatening.

Updated August 2017
Notice: Decorative Contact Lenses
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On July 16, 2016, Health Canada announced that decorative contact lenses (also known as cosmetic, coloured or fashion contact lenses) will be regulated as Class II medical devices in Canada.  This means that all manufacturers of decorative contact

Cosmetic contacts in Halloween.

OTTAWA (October 18, 2016) - Canada’s vision health professionals, which include optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians, remind Canadians to be mindful of potential risks to their eyes at this time of year when wearing cosmetic contact lense

Cosmetic Lenses

On May 28, 2015, Canada's 3 vision health professionals penned a letter to the Minister of Health, asking her to finalize