Halloween Safety

Tips for contact lenses, make-up, costumes and visibility.

Last Updated: October 26, 2023

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Be Safe, Not Sorry!

Cosmetic contact lenses can pose a risk of harm if improperly fit, used, cleaned or cared for. Complications can be serious, and may lead to vision loss. Be sure to purchase them from an authorized dispenser. A prescription and proper instructions will help to minimize the risks. An authorized dispenser such as your optometrist can also ensure that the lenses are sourced from an approved manufacturer. 
Never share contact lenses with other people! 

Find an optometrist in your area

Ensure Make-up Is Safe

Use products that are hypo-allergenic and make sure that any additives to the face paint are safe (check the recalls list at Health Canada if you are unsure). When applying make-up near or around the eye, stay away from the lid, or lash line—the area where you would normally apply eyeliner. If you are applying make-up very close to the eye, use only products approved for use in that area such as an eyeliner or eye shadow. Do not use blush or lip-liner to create a "red" effect, as some ingredients may not be safe for use in the eye area.

Keep Costumes Safe

Ensure that face masks do not obstruct vision. Avoid sharp or pointy objects, especially in children’s costumes. If your child does get poked in the eye, thoroughly inspect it for any signs of redness, decreased vision or pain. Eye injuries may be more serious than they appear. If your child reports pain or blurred vision in the eye or if the eye is discoloured or bloodshot, you should promptly take your child to an emergency room or an optometrist as soon as possible. 

Be Seen After Dark

Use reflective tape and stickers on costumes and loot bags to increase visability. Take a flashlight or wearable LED so you can see and be seen.