Dr. Martin Spiro

Dr. Martin Spiro completed his doctorate of optometry at the University of Montreal in 2014. He was the recipient of the Optometric Association’s prestigious student of the year award. Dr. Spiro holds a bachelor of science in human physiology from McGill University, where he also completed an internship in cancer research. In the optometric field, Dr. Spiro’s clinical research was honored by the Allergan Society’s prize of excellence. With a strong passion for eye care and an emphasis on inter-personal skills, Dr. Spiro is an active participant in the optometric community and was recently named by Johnson & Johnson as one of Canada’s top 40 optometrists under 40. Dr. Spiro enjoys providing vision care to the west island community of Montreal at Optika Eye-Care Center. He also shares his time with the Montreal Association of the Blind (MAB-Mackay) working with patients suffering from visual impairment and has collaborated in humanitarian efforts travelling to South-America to provide eye-exams.

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