Optometry’s Futures Panel – Case for Change, dynamic environment, regulation, transparency, demand
Backroom deals, perceptions of lobbyists and lawyers. The growth of political professionalism, more campaign focused than ever before and consumer and voter are king.
Looking to the Future: Technology, Innovation and Eye Health
Overview of AOA public relations initiatives and strategy behind them.
Elements of the Future — Medical and Retail, Consumer Oriented, Integration of Technology, Mixed Compensation Models
Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a growing public health concern in Canada. Presentation on diabetes and the eye for health professionals
Presentation describing issues related to children's vision and the importance of regular exams.
Presentation on the benefits of using plain language to communicate with staff and patients. It includes some simple tips related to word choices and tone. Ends with links to additional plain language resources.
Powerpoint Presentation about choosing optometry as a career, the features, advantages and benefits.