Myopia - Public Education PowerPoint Presentation that can be used by CAO members
Estimates of the prevalence of OAG range from 1.86 to 4.7% (US), and all investigators agree that 50% of patients with OAG do not know that they have it.
BCDO - Creating opportunity with government
If you build it, will they come? How to identify the opportunity? Do you(or your associates) have the interest? Do you have industry and/or educational support? Does the provincial regulatory environment allow full scope care?
BC continues to grey faster than the rest of Canada.
OHIP compensation unchanged in 10 yrs. Drug list unchanged since 2011, Optometrists underutilized asset in primary eye care, Health Ministry not engaging with optometry
Senator Moore rose in the Senate on May 28th in Honour of National Vision Health Month
Presentation on the opportunities and challenges facing the profession in the U.S.
A presentation on the future of the profession of optometry from a regulatory perspective. The challenge of keeping laws, bylaws and regulation updated as the profession and its socio-economical and technological environments evolve.