Optometry Giving Sight aide à établir la première école d’optométrie à Oaxaca, au Mexique
Financial Planning for New ODs
L’article que nous souhaitons réfuter propose des conclusions quelque peu faussées de nombreuses évidences scientifiques car il s’appuie sur une revue partielle et partiale de la littérature scientifique.
The article we wish to refute comes to a somewhat distorted conclusion since it relies on a partial and an incomplete review of the scientific literature.
COETF Mgr Intro Letter June 2015
Preparing, and caring for, your patient, Modern cataract surgery, Advanced technology intraocular lens options and Medico-Legal Considerations: Patient Choice
Guidelines for the Collaborative Management of Persons with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) by Health and Eye Care Professionals
Lessons learned from a traditional practitioner of optometry practice
OGS - Sri Lanka Update 2015 FR
OGS - Sri Lanka Update 2015