Sore Eyelids

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, will have a sore or swollen eyelid – this is called edema. There are numerous causes of eyelid edema ranging from mild to potentially vision-threatening conditions.

The swollen eyelid may be mild or severe, temporary or long-lasting, and depending on the cause, it may be accompanied by itchiness, scale formations, difficulty with blinking, pain, tenderness, puffiness, discharge, facial swelling, fever or loss of lashes. Regardless of the symptoms, a swollen lid should never be ignored.

If your eyelid is swollen, avoid touching or rubbing it, and avoid wearing makeup and contact lenses. Book an appointment with a doctor of optometry; many optometrists hold emergency appointments in their calendar and will be able to see you on the same day. No referral is necessary. Optometrists are specialists trained to identify and treat eye health problems, and provide urgent care for swollen eyelids. Based on the cause of your sore or swollen eyelid your optometrist can prescribe oral and/or topical medications along with other treatment options to help relieve the swelling.


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