Association des optométristes du Manitoba - Formation continue d'automne

13 octobre 2023 - 14 octobre 2023
Winnipeg MB
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9 hours of CE with an Optometry and Ophthalmology Joint Clinical Focus
Continuing Education at The Fairmont Winnipeg


Schedule of Events
Friday, October 13, 2023

8:00 am Breakfast Buffet 

9:00 am Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma in an Evolving Healthcare Landscape - Dr. Cindy Hutnik, Sponsored by Thea

10:00 IOL Considerations in Patients with Glaucoma - Dr. Cindy Hutnik, Sponsored by Thea

11:00am Coffee Break

11:15am Reconciliation, Racism, and Healthcare - Dr. Marcia Anderson

12:15pm Buffet Lunch

1:45pm Know when to Hold'em - Glaucoma Medical Co-Management lecture & panel discussion. 

3:00pm Coffee Break

3:15pm Know when to Fold'em - Glaucoma Surgical Co-Management lecture & panel discussion. 

4:30pm Demystifying Uveitis with Multimodal Imaging - Dr. Andre Jasrezebski 

5:30pm-7:30pm Happy Hour to follow the Friday afternoon sessions - Lombard Room


Saturday, October 14, 2023

8:00 am Breakfast Buffet 

9:00am 5 Things Optometrists should know about the Retina - Dr. Frank Stockl, Sponsored by Bayer

10:00am Update on New Therapies for AMD - Dr. Richard Leicht

11:00am Coffee Break

11:15am The Disappearing IOL - Dr. Stephen Brodovsky

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