Vision Champion Award


The Canadian Association of Optometrists’ Vision Champion Award is the only award presented to the general public (non-optometric community) by the CAO. It honours individuals or organizations for distinguished service to the eye care and vision health of all Canadians.

The Vision Champion Award recognizes:

  • members of the public who have performed a significant public service for the visual welfare of others;
  • politicians who have promoted legislation or regulation in either federal, provincial or municipal jurisdictions, in order to promote better eye care and vision health for Canadians.
  • educational institutions, organizations and social and community groups who promote eye health, education and safety;
  • research programs that focus on public eye health, education and eye safety;

The Vision Champion Award was established to recognize individuals and organizations outside of the eye care professional community, who have worked to improve eye health and vision care in Canada for the greater good. The inaugural recipient, Member of Parliament Pat Davidson, (Sarnia – Lambton) has demonstrated incredible commitment and solicited non-partisan cooperation and support for her Private Members Bill, Bill C-313, An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (non-corrective contact lenses).  Her bill, which sought to classify cosmetic contact lenses as class II medical devices under the Food and Drug Act, will ultimately protect the public by allowing only licensed eye care professionals to dispense and prescribe after a proper eye assessment and fitting.(eye care professionals include: optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians)

Judging and Selection
The Vision Champion Award recipient will be selected by an Awards Committee, established in 2015 -2016, by the Council of the CAO. The Award, which will be presented at a CAO event in May, may or may not be awarded annually

If you know of an individual, a politician, an organization, or an institution which has contributed significantly to the eye care and vision health of the public, you are invited to nominate that person or group. Nominations are due by March 31 of each year.  Click HERE for the CAO Vision Champion Award  Nomination Form.

 The CAO Vision Champion Award