It has been long known that smoking causes health problems for you, those around you and if you’re pregnant, your baby.
Taking measures to prevent and manage chronic conditions is an important part of our overall health, especially when it comes to our eyes.
At first glance, many think a comprehensive eye exam is just a vision test, but, getting your eyes checked can have benefits that go well beyond the optometry chair.
Whether it's summer or winter, picking up your favourite pair of shades in order to enjoy the great outdoors is a great way to protect your eyes and show your personal style.
What causes seasonal allergies?
Before you wax your snowboard and sharpen your skates, you should ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to protect your eyes from tough winter weather. Here are some eye safety tips you should consider this winter:
Good vision is about making good choices.
Better Vision for Seniors
What Optometrists Want Their Patients to See CJO Vol 73 No 2