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Full time Optometrist needed at multi-doctor clinic in the Halifax area.
Dr. Yudcovitch is lead instructor of the Ocular Therapeutics course and most Ocular Disease courses, as well as ocular disease clinic attending doctor. He served as Clinic Director of the Pacific University Northeast and Southeast Portland Eye Clinics, and is currently Chief of the Medical Eye/Ocular Disease service for the college.
CAOS hosts an annual Interview Day where employers from across Canada can interview members of the graduating class (from Canada and America). It is an excellent opportunity to meet with a large number of candidates and pitch your employment opportunit
Marilyn & Sonya, your CCOA instructors, are ready to answer & discuss your Top 10 CCOA Questions or Cases. Having asked YOU the CCOA to contribute your question or case, we have chosen the most common and interesting topics to discuss in this 50 minute lecture. There will also be some time for some questions from the attendees. We also encourage you to contribute to the discussion with some of your own pearls of wisdom! This is a fun & exciting interactive seminar to attend.