Canada's Vision Health Professionals Letter to Health Minister May 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015

On May 28, 2015, Canada's 3 vision health professionals penned a letter to the Minister of Health, asking her to finalize Bill C-313, an issue that has been ongoing for 13 years.  Eye care professionals have considerable concerns around the safety of current distribution methods, labelling, and manufacturing of cosmetic contact lenses. The bill would allow Canada to catch up with our international counterparts in the USA,Japan and the UK.  CAO's concerns on this matter can be found in our policy document, called Cosmetic Contact Lenses

House of Commons Standing Committee on Health Report on Scope of Practice for Healthcare Professionals

Last week, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health released its 12th Report on Scope of Practice and Training for Healthcare Professionals.  Beginning in October 2013, the Committee agreed to undertake a brief study of best practices and federal barriers related to the scope of practice and skills training of healthcare professionals, and decreed that this study will focus on three (3) areas: …