Why I should move to Moncton and practice optometry with Dr. Marcantonio

Closing Date: 
Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 16:45
Job Type: 
Moncton, NB
New Brunswick CA


  1. I can practice full scope optometry at the highest level of my training and ability in a community that supports local professionals.
  2. I will be assisted by exceptionally trained and experienced staff who truly enjoy their job and add value to the practice.
  3. I will be treated and recognized as an equal partner in all professional correspondence including stationary, letterhead, signage and office courtesies.
  4. I will have a partner and mentor with 40 years experience in the profession, who I can learn from and grow with.
  5. I will practice with a partner who has served the profession as president of both the provincial and national organizations and is a Fellow of the AAO.
  6. I will have the opportunity to work with a partner who has established connections that can open opportunities to practice my profession in other contexts (volunteer, government contracts, missions).
  7. I will learn how to operate a professional practice so that I can avoid the common initial start up challenges that others face.
  8. I can earn a professional income in the six figures in approximately one year and live in a community where I will be in the top 1% local area income range.
  9. I will network with colleagues in a strong provincial organization who will treat me as a friend and colleague and not as a threat to their practice.
  10. I will be working in a province where Ophthalmologists and GPs recognize my profession as an equal partner in the treatment of our common patients
  11. After 2 years as an associate/partner, Dr. Marcantonio will retire and I will be given the option of full ownership of the established practice.


Contact information

Phone: (506) 387-4040

Email: pasqualinomarcantonio@gmail.com

715 Coverdale Rd

Riverview, NB