Optometrist - Practice Owner Opportunity - ON

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - 17:00
Job Type: 
$100,000-$150,000 per year
Nuvé Partners Southern Ontario Area, ON
Ontario CA

We are looking for optometrists with at least two years of experience to join our Optometric Co-Founder program and become a practice owner.

The Optometric Co-Founder Program provides Optometrists with an opportunity to be a practice owner from the start and have a clear roadmap to fully owning a local and independent practice at the end. By co-founding with Nuvé Partners, our management expertise will ensure that we will acquire the best practice, grow the practice to its potential and develop a mutual win-win relationship. You will be owning and managing an existing practice with a team of business experts from day one. You will gain management experience and increasing ownership at your own pace.​

By Joining the Optometric Co-Founder Program:
- You instantly become an owner of an existing well-established private practice
-  Join force with business function veterans to manage and operate the practice
- Have an equal voice in the business
- Patients lining up for care
- Salary to ensure lifestyle
-  A definite roadmap to call the practice 100% yours

The Optometrist Partner will be responsible for:
- Lead and determine the direction of the practice with your industry experience
-  Support us in our direction to help you own a sustainable, growing and profitable business
-  You are the lead optometrist of the practice serving patients, ensuring quality service and optimal practice operation
- Lead in the area that directly impact clinical delivery, such as equipment, service, product, quality, pricing, regulations, training etc.

Nuvé Partners will be responsible for:
-  Lead the business towards growth, sustainability and profitability
-  Support your direction with our extensive business management experience
-   We are the business manager in the practice, in the community, and in the industry improving, de-risking and growing the business
-  Lead in the area that directly affect the business sustainability and growth, such as human resources, marketing, market research, procurement, accounting, treasury, legal, admin, IT etc.

Required Skills:
- Licensed optometrist in good standing that can legally practice in Ontario
-   Have at least two years of optometry work experiences
-  A flexible and creative work style that motivates other team members

Contact Us:
Email your cover letter and résumé to info@nuvepartners.com

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