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Job Description

Optometric Opportunity - Full Time and Part Time Opportunities - Guaranteed $600 Minimum per Day

Dr. Bishop & Associates has 4 dispensing locations in Calgary; Legacy Township in the south, Willow Park Village beside Southcentre Mall, Beacon Hill in the north and Northgate Village in the NE at Memorial Drive and 36th Street NE across from Marlborough Mall. All 4 offices have been newly built within the last 8 months, open 6 days a week, closed on holidays with no late nights. We are looking for experienced or new grads. Graduates of 2022 are welcome to apply. The guarantee would make it working full time, with taking two weeks of holidays if you wish (more or less would be at your choosing) a gross income of $150,000 in a year with taking time off. Guaranteed.

Each office is paperless with our operating system being Visual Eyes (VE). We have at each office OCTA’s, Optos, Confocal Retinal Imaging, Topographers, Perimeters, Dry Eye treatment instruments, axial length instrumentation with tracking for myopia management, etc… with staff trained to complete all these tests. It’s nice with Electronic Phoroptors which drop your results electronically into VE. All new slit lamps with excellent optics.

Our extensive routine pretesting decreases the tests which you have to do. The assistants do on every full exam for example; case history, VA’s with and without correction, lensometry on all px’s glasses, Auto RKT, phoria’s, color vision, depth perception, amplitude of accommodation, FDT’s as well as NPC.

Our dispensary has a wide selection of frames from economy to designer high fashion frames. Zeiss and Shamir are our main labs, but we have access to other labs as well. We use Essilor’s Stellest lens and the Hoya MiyoSmart for Myopia Management and have access to the Cooper MiSight spectacle (Sight Glass) lens.

Contact lenses are a big part of our practice. We usually get early access to lenses coming out due to the volume we do like the Acuvue Ability and TheraVision. But then we also do specialty lenses like scleral’s for those who want or need them, and have fitting lenses for them. Myopia Mangement CL’s like the MiSight, the Acuvue Ability and Ortho K lenses. We have multiple fitting sets to facilitate your new or refits.

You get a daily guaranteed base income, then a percentage amount on everything your patients buy which you prescribe. This income to you exceeds the guarantee of $600/day with our current Doctors.

Application Instructions

Send your interest through an email to Dr. Bishop at drbishop@drbishop.com and he will contact you or call him at 403-509-4830.

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