A solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely or partially covers the sun. This is a fascinating spectacle, but it is very important to guard against temporary or permanent damage to the eyes.
Virtual reality (VR) headsets are becoming increasingly mainstream.  Their ability to create an immersive experience and transport us to another place makes them fascinating.  However, little is known about the effects of this technology on our ey
Most people do not think of eye safety at home, but half of all eye injuries happen in this “safe” place. What’s more, about 90% of all eye injuries could be prevented by wearing proper eye protection.
Many people want full, long, dramatic eyelashes. It is not surprising that a recent trend in the beauty industry is the application of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are usually done by aestheticians or technicians in a spa or a salon.
Participating in sports is a great way to stay in shape and keep your eyes healthy. When gearing up for a sporting activity, all athletes should consider protective eyewear, regardless if it’s for professional, amateur, or recreational purposes.
Getting something in your eye can be painful, and scary. The first step is to rinse out your eye. Many workplaces will have an eyewash station that you can use for this purpose, or you can use a steady stream of clean, lukewarm water.
The eyes are sensitive to a narrow band of light frequencies called the visible light spectrum.  Blue light has the shortest wavelength of the visible light spectrum, and blue rays with the shortest wavelengths have the most energy.  Blue light is
As we move into July, Canada Day weekend celebrations are upon us. Cottage season is well underway, and with good weather comes lots of opportunities to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.
As kids, we used them to disturb a class presentation, tease our pets, or re-enact Star Wars. Little did we know, these handheld tools can cause serious eye damage.
A doctor of optometry is educated, clinically trained and licensed to deliver the best standard of comprehensive primary eye care.  In addition to diagnosing and treating ocular disease optometrists can design, verify, and fit spectacles to meet t