The use of coloured filters and coloured paper to ease eye strain while reading has been noted in the literature for decades.
Optometrists (ODs) keep patient records to facilitate clinical management and ensure continuity of care. These records should be comprehensive, accurate, clear, and made at the time of the examination.
The development of the visual system continues into early childhood. Often eye glass prescriptions don’t stabilize until the age of about 18.
Whether it's summer or winter, picking up your favourite pair of shades in order to enjoy the great outdoors is a great way to protect your eyes and show your personal style.
What is a multifocal lens?
If you have thought about purchasing your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online, there are a few things you need to know.
Interpupillary distance (PD) is a measurement of the distance between the centres of your two eyes and is dependent on whether you are buying eyewear for distance or close up.
There are a few possible indicators that your child needs glasses. This could begin with a note from the teacher discussing difficulties in school or you may notice your child squinting or having frequent headaches.
Optometrists ensure your glasses and contact lenses properly correct your vision and attend to your eye health needs, as well as suit your fashion sense.