What is a pterygium?
If you have thought about purchasing your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online, there are a few things you need to know.
Interpupillary distance (PD) is a measurement of the distance between the centres of your two eyes and is dependent on whether you are buying eyewear for distance or close up.
As with television viewing, eye care professionals generally agree that video games will not harm your child’s eyes or vision if you follow a few viewing tips.
There are a few possible indicators that your child needs glasses. This could begin with a note from the teacher discussing difficulties in school or you may notice your child squinting or having frequent headaches.
With so many of us spending time in front of digital devices every day, it’s no surprise that research is showing a rise in the detection of visual problems.
Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program prescribed by a doctor of optometry to improve conditions like strabismus (crossed eyes) or amblyopia (lazy eye).
When deciding on the best type of vision correction for your child, you have options to consider.
Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is an invisible component of sunlight that is most commonly known to cause sunburns and skin cancers.
The difference between a doctor of optometry (optometrist), an ophthalmologist and an optician is a common question among both healthcare professionals and the general public.