Ocular Prosthesis: Indications to Management

Publication Date: 
Mercredi, Septembre 9, 2015
Malinda Cafiero-Chin, OD
Cathy Marques, OD FAAO
Heather J. Danz, BCO, BADO
Caring for patients with a prosthetic eye can be a challenge to clinicians. Regardless of the circumstances leading to eye removal, inspection of the underlying tissue should be part of a comprehensive eye exam. Maintaining the overall health of the anophthalmic socket is critical in patient comfort and optimal prosthetic fit. Discussions will focus on anophthalmic proce-dures and preparation of the socket for prosthetic fitting. Care and man-agement of the prosthesis and the anophthalmic socket, including associ-ated ocular tissue disorders will be emphasized. The article will enhance the clinician’s comfort level managing patients wearing ocular prosthesis.

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