Purpose: To measure the level of higher order aberrations (HOA) when wearing a soft aspheric contact lens (CL), compared to a spherical CL, in myopic subjects. Method: Fifteen myopic subjects aged 20-30 years were tested for the presence of dry eye.
There are a variety of barriers to eye-care service access in rural Northern First Nations communities.
Caring for patients with a prosthetic eye can be a challenge to clinicians. Regardless of the circumstances leading to eye removal, inspection of the underlying tissue should be part of a comprehensive eye exam.
L’article que nous souhaitons réfuter propose des conclusions quelque peu faussées de nombreuses évidences scientifiques car il s’appuie sur une revue partielle et partiale de la littérature scientifique.
The article we wish to refute comes to a somewhat distorted conclusion since it relies on a partial and an incomplete review of the scientific literature.
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Guidelines for the Collaborative Management of Persons with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) by Health and Eye Care Professionals