CLINICAL RESEARCH CASE STUDY: The PHQ-2 as a Screening Tool for Clinical Depression in a Primary Eye-Care Clinic / Le PHQ-2 comme outil de dépistage de la dépression dans une clinique de soins oculovisuels de premère ligne CASE STUDY: Early Primary Open
CLINICAL RESEARCH: Interprofessional Management of Allergic Conjunctivitis: A Proposed Algorithm for Canadian Clinical Practice / Gestion interprofessionnelle de la conjonctivite allergique : Algorithme proposé pour la pratique clinique canadienne Polypo
CORPORATE: POSITION STATEMENT Canadian Association of Optometrists/Canadian Ophthalmological Society Joint Position Statement: Effects of Electronic Screens on Children’s Vision and Recommendations for Safe Use, ÉNONCÉ DE POSITION Association canadienne d
CLINICAL RESEARCH Role of Primary Care Optometrists in the Assessment and Management of Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries in Canada Zoe Lacroix, O.D., Susan J. Leat, PhD, FCOptom, F.A.A.O., Lisa W.
Guide de pratique clinique 2017 de l’ACO : Les soins optométriques chez les patients diabétiques
CJO V79 N4 Supplement - Diabetes EN
CLINICAL RESEARCH Dry Eye Diseases and Ocular Surgery: Practical Guidelines for Canadian Eye Care Practitioners RECHERCHE CLINIQUE Lignes directrices pratiques pour les professionnels canadiens des soins oculovisuels concernant la sécheresse oculaire
CJO V79 N3 Supplement - Glaucoma
CJO - Volume 79, Issue 3
RESEARCH: 2017 CAO Congress Poster Session Abstracts REVIEW: Sun Safety and the Eyes PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: An Optometrist’s Guide to Protection from Burglary