Guide de pratique clinique 2017 de l’ACO : Les soins optométriques chez les patients diabétiques
CJO V79 N4 Supplement - Diabetes EN
CLINICAL RESEARCH Dry Eye Diseases and Ocular Surgery: Practical Guidelines for Canadian Eye Care Practitioners RECHERCHE CLINIQUE Lignes directrices pratiques pour les professionnels canadiens des soins oculovisuels concernant la sécheresse oculaire
CJO V79 N3 Supplement - Glaucoma
CJO - Volume 79, Issue 3
RESEARCH: 2017 CAO Congress Poster Session Abstracts REVIEW: Sun Safety and the Eyes PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: An Optometrist’s Guide to Protection from Burglary
RESEARCH: Results of an Environmental Scan to Determine the Level of Uncorrected Refractive Error in First Nations Elementary School Children in Ontario, Résultats d’une analyse du milieu visant à déterminer le niveau d’erreur de réfraction non corrigée c
RESEARCH - The '20/20/20 Rule' - When Good Intentions and Axiomatic Habit Displace Best Practices, Case Study: Use of contact lenses to manage complications following combined corneal cross-linking and topography-guided photorefractive keratect
RESEARCH - Becoming Visionary: Evaluation of a Comprehensive Eye Exam Clinic Within a Geriatric Rehabilitation Setting, Devenir visionnaire : évaluation d’une clinique d’examen de la vue complet dans un contexte de réadaptation gériatrique, 20 Impending
Summer is a wonderful season for optometrists. It’s a time to take that much needed vacation, rest-up, spend time with your family, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.