COVID-19 and the Practice of Teleoptometry in Canada

Last updated: March 20, 2020 (this page will be regularly updated)

Times of crisis are also times of opportunity and innovation. With the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases across Canada and with the imperative of social distancing to curb the spread of the infection, an increasing number of health professionals are turning to telehealth whereby certain diagnostic and treatment services are offered via telephone or other secure electronic communication means.

As a growing number of provinces encourage optometrists to focus only on non-urgent/emergent cases in order to minimize contact with and between patients, the Canadian Association of Optometry (CAO) is closely examining teleoptometry as an effective means to ensure continuity of vision care across the country.  The CAO is encouraging optometrists to consider offering some teleoptometry services to their patients where possible. The CAO is also exploring multiple issues related to the practice of teleoptometry in Canada. These include clinical guidelines, liability insurance, public insurance coverage, third party insurance coverage and others.

In order to facilitate consideration of teleoptometry, the CAO is in contact with vendors of teleoptometry technology to better understand the technology and to facilitate the spread of information amongst our members.

Practical considerations for the practice of optometry

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